Where have all the good Hands gone? I have just returned from the RM area (Casper) and heard a very common complaint among managers trying to meet their employment needs.” It’s hard to find good hands these days and we have good jobs to offer”. So the same old influences are there from before, no experience, drugs, lack of education blah, blah, blah! 50% can’t even make the 90 day wonder crowd. Ok, maybe I’m being harsh, so prove me wrong. This new generation doesn’t learn by hands-on applications, they have grown up on instant information at their finger-tips. Heck most of them have never even known a “house phone”. So I’m sorry, this industry is at best a combination of both. Therefore doesn’t it make sense to train the same way, combining hands -on applications with instant learning and proper feedback. We call that the  “Blended Learning Experience”. BLE is the basis for all that we do at Vorenkamp Well Control Training (VWCT). We want our students to experience regional specific events that they can control and have reviews on a variety of acceptable applications thru the experience of our team and the collective of the class. Everyone adds to the knowledge base to enhance the importance of properly executed well control. Lack of experience is hurting us all in the short term, so the better we empower this new generation while accruing experience , the better our work environment will be and everyone will go home happy and whole. Well Control is timeless, technology is the force multiplier, look for new training techniques from VWCT. We are the power of ll.

Steve Vorenkamp