Most companies pick training providers due to relationships with their representatives, past certifications, needing combined services etc., but did you ever wonder WHY these providers are in, this highly competitive business?? Certainly, to promote their corp. views and products, some just want to round-out service lines, some to promote clients, within internal company training, to show culture and these are all valid reasons from one perspective or the other.  I remember during my university years that the very best classes were the small ones, where the Professor interacted with the students and used their knowledge and his/hers to raise the bar of thought. Create an environment for interactivity and understanding. The big classes just promoted numbers, not necessarily knowledge. VWCT and it’s principles come from 3 generations of oilmen and have an in-depth and diversified  knowledge of drilling, horizontal applications, well servicing and of course, well control. Our training is our passion and prevention is our mission.