Let the “Power of II” do the heavy lifting!

VWCT can bring qualified Well Control instructors to your Rig site, and initiate concise, time effective, well control drills, API audits, and review without interruption of daily operations during non-critical drilling.

      • Critical WC Training Review
      • Kick Drills
      • WC Equipment Overview
      • Critical Crew Responsibilities
      • API Wellsite BOP Audits
      • Safety Training (contracted)
      • Well Control Consulting and Engineering Services
Audits performed on drilling and workover rigs and associated equipment are an important means of ensuring safe and efficient operations of the complete unit. With the need for such audits, the associated workload has increased significantly throughout the E&P industry over the past few years. Due to the increase, operators are struggling to have adequate personnel available to order to conduct such audits.

A profound knowledge of drilling and workover equipment:

    • In-depth understanding of drilling and workover operations
    • A highly developed personal HSE culture
    • High communication skills
    • Extensive knowledge on applicable international standards
    • Knowledge of applicable local country standards

Contact us: 

Office/Matthew Vorenkamp 504.442.6957

Operations Manager/Steve Vorenkamp  - 832.918.0116

Office Manager/Donna Vorenkamp  225.210.3069

Instructor Quality Assurance/Kelly Hedlund - 731.845.6588

Rocky Mountain Manager/Mike Vertner - 307.315.4091

Louisiana Location Manager/Ben Levy - 985.209.0534


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