I know we all have a slightly different perspective on how to deliver and maintain our business clients. Repeat business and new business comes from having the right price, good marketing, a needed product, and efficient delivery. But I will tell you, our “Repeat Business and New Business” comes from our dedicated staff that faces the client, listens well, and executes great customer service! One cannot know what his/her customer wants without listening intently and asking probing questions to clearly define and acknowledge those needs and have the honesty to determine if deliverables are in fact possible. Once these needs are determined, the quality of customer service shows the customer you want his business and will work to keep it over the competition. Going the extra mile with your customer will define you, and they will remember that above all else. It’s not always profits, but it does take that to have staying power. “The Power of II” is not just our Motto! For example, we work for you and with you to find the right solutions that meet your needs. We build fit for purpose training to customize the training to your operations. We maintain a 12-man maximum for high instructor to student ratios to ensure quality and we lead the training industry in delivering a horizontal approach to well control. These are just a few of the things that separate our company from the competition. Come see what training really looks like when you have a Training Company that really Cares! Vorenkamp Well Control Training, LLC. is a CDC compliant company.