About Vorenkamp Well Control Training

Mission Statement

Learning requires a special blended environment and through facilitating innovative techniques and adaptive learning methods; We empower our clients with ”right knowledge” and practiced confidence to conduct their duties safely, effectively and successfully! By establishing this unique relationship between our clients and Vorenkamp Well Control we’ve created the
“The Power of II”


IADC Drilling WellSharp – Level 3 (Driller Level)

  • Drilling Surface
  • Drilling Surface Subsea
  • Drilling Surface Subsea/Workover

 Free Course (Math Evaluation)


IADC Drilling WellSharp – Level 4 (Supervisor Level)

  • Drilling Surface
  • Drilling Surface Subsea
  • Drilling Surface Subsea/Workover
Well Servicing courses:
(Expected approval date July 15th, 2018)

Our Staff

Matthew Vorenkamp – Founder, CEO/Owner and President is Mr. Matthew Vorenkamp. He brings more than 20 years of decision-making experience in business development, sales and operations.

Steve Vorenkamp – Co-founder/Owner and Chief of Operations is Mr. Steve Vorenkamp. He brings over four decades of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Calvin Pedigo – Senior Instructor is Mr. Calvin Pedigo. He brings over 4 decades of well control training and experience

Kelly Hedlund – Instructor is Mr. Kelly Hedlund. He brings more than 25 years of operational and training experience in the oil and gas industry.


Let the “Power of II” do the heavy lifting!

VWCT can bring qualified WC instructors to your Rigsite, and initiate concise, time effective well control drills, API audits and review without interruption of daily operations during non-critical drilling.


  • We are a Veterans preference company and support active, retired and disabled Veterans Programs.
  • CASA / Court Appointed Special Advocates working to restore a safe environment for all children in need – Visit Website
  • Knights of Columbus – Visit Website

Mission and Culture

The Company’s mission is to be “The Leading Industry Expert” provider in well control training and rig site assessment for the oil and gas industry. ”Vorenkamp Well Control Training” will achieve this by empowering the individual with necessary knowledge and supporting, cutting-edge training services that ensures the highest standard of operational integrity.

The “VWCT” cultural statement is simple:

  • We are an integrity-oriented company committed to improving industry operational regulatory compliance training and rig site services through the application of industry best practices.
  • We strive for a culture of innovation and company/client integration in all we do; and the results will always be the most effective, fit for purpose, well trained oil-field personnel.
  • We fully support the efforts of the Texas/LA. CASA organizations and are a Veterans preference company that supports Disabled Veterans Programs.

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